(benefits of solar energy)Why the sun?!

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benefits of solar energy

benefits of solar energy

The sun! It’s the source of the benefits of solar energy. do you remember when we were young?

In our drawings we used to draw the sun in the corner of each and every single painting with its yellow rays, smile, and happy face.

Since we were children, we loved the sun as much as we love life. It is the source of optimism. Whenever we see the sun, we know that a new day has come and we shall start over. It is not just a creature; it’s a new hope, a new beginning, a new start!

The creator created it not only to be a sign of a new day or a morning, but to make use of it as much as we can. When we go to the beach, for instance, some people get an awesome color of their skin when they sleep under the sun rays for long hours, this is called tan.

You will get a look of Hollywood movie stars! Can you enjoy swimming in the sea or the ocean when it is a cold rainy cloudy day?! The answer will be “OF COURSE NOT!”, because the sun makes the water warm and suitable for you to swim.

It makes you enjoy each and every single moment with your family and friends. We have discussed the personal needs of joy and happiness related to the sunlight and heat. What about the technological issues?! How can we make use of it?! Is that possible?!

In fact.. yes! It is so possible How can this happen?! We can simply extract energy from the sun and this is called “solar power or solar energy” We can extract solar energy through solar panels. Those panels can be used in the desert or in very sunny areas, over the roofs for example. What shall we do with them”what are the benefits of solar energy?! Solar power can move cars, trucks, vans and any means of transportation as an alternative energy solution to electrical energy.

See the next video to know about benefits of solar energy and why is the sun important and effective source of benefits of solar energy ? 

What else shall we get from this kind of power? We can get heated, this is efficient to melt iced-mountains. Heat energy” we will talk about geothermal energy disadvantages and disadvantages of solar power in other articles is essential in warming houses even.

Imagine it is snowing and you feel so cool, you cannot even move your hands, when you have just exposed them to the sun, you will feel warm, why?! Because it produces heat energy which is enough for you to get warm in an extremely cold day.

When you decide to plant a flower, and you keep it in your room without being exposed to the sun all day long, can it live anymore?! Absolutely not! Why? Because plant, including flowers, need sunlight to make its own photosynthesis process, to be able to live and grow up.

There are endless benefits of solar energy or advantages of solar energy which comes, for sure, from the sun. May be we cannot count them all, but we can mention some of benefits of solar energy. We must know that everything in our life surrounded by us has a function and a usage, so we must make use of everything and we should know about the benefits of solar energy and about solar energy pros and cons.


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